We love exceptional materials and products that combine style and beauty with human, animal and ecofriendliness. Our uniquely designed materials are carefully manufactured by time served experts in a cooperative atmosphere, using natural and vegan materials.

Imagine a world, in which design comes to life with passion and fairness.  

A world that preserves nature through the creation of beautiful pieces. 

Imagine ono. 

We offer a portfolio of high-end sustainable materials and products including organic cotton fabrics, our worldwide unique eco-friendly cork tencel fabric, interior cork solutions, and sustainable support products from threads to zippers.

Couch manufactured with ono cork tencel, designed by Marco Iannicielli, photo by PR Aachen.

We can help you with product design, sampling, pre-production service, production management or simply the manufacturing of and your perfect item. All fairly and ethically.

ono has its own handbag and accessory brand called ono creations – finely crafted, fully sustainable handbags that combine style and beauty with natural, vegan and fair production.

With our team of experienced marketing experts, we can assist you in creating an innovative marketing strategy and a successful branding presence.


Le Jardin Switzerland - F&B

Gorgeous Ambition Malaysia - F&B

La Ruinette Switzerland - Hospitality

ono creations Switzerland - Accessories & Bags

RawMade / Australia - Watches & Accessories

Marco Iannicelli Germany - Interior & Furnitures

JIWA Holdings Malaysia - Interior & Furnitures

To support our partners and our clients in being outstanding and sustainable at the same time, we are happy to give our very best each and every time.

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