The cork is applied to the tencel backing by hand and our combination of cork and tencel© is the only of its kind worldwide. The tencel backing gives the cork leather its strong but flexible structure.


Our tencel is certified by the European eco-label OEKO-TEX®. The material is soft, light, absorbent, durable, breathable and antibacterial. It is fully biodegradable, and simply one of the most sustainable natural fibres available.

Tencel© or lyocell is an incredibly strong and functional fibre made from wood of mostly eucalyptus trees but also birch and oak wood, which is turned into wood pulp and ultimately into fibres. The trees are grown in sustainable forest plantations which ensure that the number of trees that are cut down are matched by new trees planted to grow back. The forestland these trees are grown on is not suitable for agriculture and it does not compete with food production.


The cultivation of eucalyptus trees is very efficient and does not need additional water irrigation. Compared to other plants, the extracted amount per unit of land is extraordinarily high.


The tencel fibre production itself is eco-friendly through an innovative closed-loop process using a non-toxic solvent. This means that throughout the different steps the use of energy and water is economical and the impact on the environment minimal. For example, the solvent that is used to extract fibre from the wood pulp is almost completely recovered and can then be reused for the next batch.


The fabric is not only sustainable in its production but also has some pretty awesome features when it comes to its usability. It is considered to be more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen while being extremely sturdy, thanks to the high tenacity of the wood cellulose. The natural origin also means that the material is quickly and fully biodegradable.

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