about cork

Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree, and it is certainly one of the most fascinating materials. Cork is reusable, fire and water resistant, insulating and biodegradable. We only use the highest quality cork available.



For nearly 3,000 years, the cultivation of cork oak trees has proven to be one of our planet's most sustainable and environmentally responsible types of farming. Cork harvesting has a very long tradition in the Mediterranean region, the home of cork oak trees.


The extraction itself begins when the tree has reached an age of about 25 years. As cork is a part of the bark, its removal doesn’t cause any harm to the tree but it simply regrows. After nine years it is ready for the next extraction. In the progress of regrowth, the cork oak binds around five times the amount of CO2 than other trees. Without the cork harvesting, the cork oak would bind less, around half of the amount of CO2. Using cork actually helps to reduce CO2.


Cork forests support high levels of biodiversity and foster a great diversity of plants and endangered species. The tree is perfectly adapted not only to the natural ecosystem, which due to the arid to semi-arid climate faces frequent fires, but also to its human cultivation. It even requires human use to sustain, as recent research showed. The tree has played a crucial role in the economic activities of its inhabitants. The forests are a perfect example of a sustainable practice of agroforestry, which is combined with agriculture, livestock farming and hunting. Besides, it offers fair remuneration and a high employment rate to farmers and workers. Most of the cork harvesting is done in Portugal, where we also source our cork.


Cork itself protects the tree from fire and is insulating. Its usage has further amazing and practical qualities: It is resistant to water and most fluids. No matter if it is red wine, hand crème or oil, most dirt can be removed easily through organic soap and a soft sponge. Further, it is extremely light, which makes it so much more attractive to use compared to leather or artificial leather.


We use the highest quality available on the market in our cork tencel fabric. These very thin layers of cork give the material high flexibility and unique softness, while it stays extraordinarily enduring.