We love exceptional materials and products that combine style and beauty with human, animal and ecofriendliness. Our uniquely designed materials are carefully manufactured by time served experts in a cooperative atmosphere, using natural and vegan materials.

Imagine a world, in which design comes to life with passion and fairness.  

A world that preserves nature through the creation of beautiful pieces. 

Imagine ono. 

We offer our worldwide exclusive cork-tencel-fabric, a material that combines a terrific tactile experience, highest quality, durability and a fully sustainable approach in one fabric.


We are here to help brands, designers and companies with our expertise and advice to make their business more sustainable and to create and integrate sustainable innovations, sustainable materials and sustainable production processes along their value chains.


ono has its own handbag and accessory brand called ono creations – finely crafted, fully sustainable handbags that combine style and beauty with natural, vegan and fair production.